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A New Approach To Meet Your Marketing Needs

Scalable, Senior Freelance Marketing Professionals

Core Services

Collective Services

Key benefits of working with CreateMCR

Cost effectiveness

CreateMCR thrives in a fully remote environment and as a freelance collective has lower overhead costs compared to traditional agencies, allowing the opportunity to offer our services at a more competitive rate. Clients benefit from cost savings while still accessing high quality PR and marketing expertise.


Individual senior specialists

We personally select from our network of freelance professionals and owner-managed boutique agencies who specialise in our niche areas, providing access to experts with in-depth knowledge and experience relevant to the project.


Designated project led

Director-led projects provide you with one point of contact. Providing project coordination and overall account management for a quality timely delivery from the team.



Working on an ad-hoc campaign or retained basis, we can tailor the support to suit your requirements. Delivering exceptional results through a virtual model with no agency overheads, we can quickly adapt to the changing needs of the project without being constrained by rigid agency structures.


Personalised attention

As freelancers we typically work with fewer clients at a time, which means we can provide more personalised attention and tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each project. We are also more agile and responsive compared to larger agency teams.