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About Karen Adams

Freelance PR Specialist

With a strong background in B2B PR, Karen seamlessly blends extensive experience from owning a specialist B2B content agency and working in major UK PR firms. Her unique combination of big agency expertise and an entrepreneurial spirit defines her approach.

Passionate about effecting positive change and turning ideas into reality, Karen excels both independently and as a collaborative team member. She is drawn to clients where her expertise not only adds tangible value but also aligns with her personal values. Enthusiastic and dedicated, Karen’s love for communications is evident, driving her continuous pursuit of skill refinement.

As an adept freelance marketing and PR professional, Karen offers a harmonious blend of creativity and commercial acumen. Her proven track record includes successfully executing fully integrated international communication campaigns that seamlessly weave together strategy, content, PR, social, and digital elements, yielding campaigns with measurable impacts.

Karen’s multitasking abilities is a key strength and she can efficiently handle diverse projects simultaneously, leveraging her comprehensive background in PR to excel in account handling and project management. Being accustomed to working under tight deadlines, Karen possesses the adaptability and agility to adjust strategies to meet client expectations. Her detail-oriented approach minimises errors, crucial in the dynamic PR landscape. The ability to manage crises and make quick decisions is an essential component of her effective project management skill set.

Karen’s expertise extends to deploying PR and content marketing tactics that effortlessly place compelling stories into the hands of editors, journalists, and influencers. Her consistent delivery of high-quality content elevates reputations and ensures visibility with target audiences, both human and digital (including Google!). Whether crafting press releases, blogs, white papers, managing social media, creating videos, or orchestrating virtual or in-person events, Karen possesses the expertise to tailor content effectively for the right messages to reach the right audience.

Karen Adams is a trusted freelance PR professional and is a subject matter expert that can add value. Client’s strategically use her freelance resource to add superpowers, and to bring in senior leadership to accelerate projects.

Introduction to Innovative Communication

Take creative storytelling, for instance. It’s not just about telling a story; it’s about crafting narratives that grab attention, stir up emotions, and really resonate with people.

Then there’s interactive content. I’m talking about quizzes, polls, and games. The stuff that gets people involved and makes them feel like they’re part of the conversation. And with technology like virtual and augmented reality, the possibilities are endless. It’s all about creating experiences that stick with people long after they’ve clicked away.

And let’s not forget about personalisation. I mean, who doesn’t love feeling like something was made just for them? By tailoring our messages and experiences to suit individual preferences, we’re not just communicating. We’re connecting on a whole other level.

Oh, and multi-channel integration? By reaching out to people wherever they are—whether it’s on social media, through email, or at a live event—we’re making sure our message gets heard loud and clear.

And you know what else? Data is our best friend. By diving into those metrics and insights, we can fine-tune our approach, personalise our content, and really make sure we’re hitting the mark every time.

But you know what really gets us excited? Using our platform for good. I’m talking about shining a spotlight on important issues, sparking conversations, and inspiring change. Whether it’s through a powerful social media campaign or by integrating sustainability initiatives into our communication efforts, we’re not just making noise—we’re making a difference.

So yeah, innovation—it’s what keeps us going. It’s about thinking big, taking risks, and never being afraid to try something new. Because in a world that’s always changing, the only way to really stand out is to dare to be different.

Creating campaigns with purpose, communicating for change.

CreateMCR is built on the key values


We are passionate about our craft and who we do it for. Seeking to constantly improve and innovate. We learn from others and from our own challenges and successes.


We set our standards high and believe nothing is impossible. We do what we say we’re going to do and take pride in what we deliver individually and create as a team.


Every client deserves a team who is attentive and responsive. Responding quickly – but not moving so fast that we miss the obvious things. Responding in a timely manner, while taking the time to offer a thorough, positive response.


We operate as owners and with integrity. Treating everyone with respect and using resources as if they were our own.